Most Expensive Marriage Ceremony of Multan City in Pakistan

Pakistan’s 4th most populated city Multan witnessed the most expensive marriage ceremony in the city’s history. Look what the groom has done to make this day memorable. The 24 News channel and other media channels give proper coverage to this different and luxury marriage ceremony. The lion was also part of this marriage ceremony. And have includes limousines cars in the line. Roads was filled with cars, city have faced massive traffic jam.

Expensive Marriage Ceremony Video


According to Shaikh Muhammad Hashmat, the father of groom Shaikh Muhammad Irfan, he spent that much money because Irfan is his only son and he would love to fulfill Irfan’s every wish. One of Irfan’s uncle gifted him festoon which was made up of pure gold while the other uncles threw the dollar currency notes on the participants of baraat (wedding participants) to show their love.

The popular singer of Pakistan, Saeen Zahoor was invited for the amusement of the 15 thousand people of baraat.

According to city law, marriage can not be continue after 10 PM. but this wedding ceremoney was started after 10:00 PM. And everyone was shocked but enjoying this interesting and extravagant marriage. Multan is oldest cities of Pakistan and this kind of expensive marriage is new thing and people always get amazed such kind of events.

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